Some electrical works around the home are safer in the hands of professionals. It is understandable that you may not want to wait for an electrician to replace the switch in our living room, but a task such as replacing a water heater is one you cannot afford to risk by doing it yourself. Our domestic electrical services vary broadly and cater to the existing and upcoming needs of a home. Houses have a tonne of electrical requirements from heating to cooling to lighting, and you must have assurances that all systems are in good working condition, which is where our services in Gloucester become very useful.


Proper Installations and Wiring

Setting up home appliances is one of the responsibilities you can leave to an electrician. Some devices in the house are not plug-and-use, meaning an extensive amount of wiring has to take place. A wrong connection may cause inefficiencies and pose significant health risks to occupants of a building. Our electrical experts are trained to ensure that your installations perform their functions and are safe to use by covering and labelling them correctly.


Servicing and Maintenance

Many of the electrical problems in a home manifest after some time, thus the need for adequate maintenance. You may not be aware, but some parts of your home may require re-wiring, new electrical panel or replacements. Our domestic electrical professionals can do all these and more when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your home. Just because an electrical appliance keeps functioning does not mean that nothing is wrong with it, so don’t ignore electrical testing and other maintenance operations. We give electrical test reports that will help you fix problems before they escalate.
Quality Services


Crowhurst & Son is committed to providing superior standard electrical services, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home. Whether you are doing bathroom renovations and need a new showerhead or fitting the conservatory with new lighting, you can rely on our electricians to meet all your needs in Gloucester. Contact us for installations, wiring, visual inspections, periodic tests inspections and any other electrical demands in your home.

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