Our Testimonals

​We’ve been having some problems with our electrics keep cutting out and contacted Crowhurst and Son to help us identify and solve the problem. They gave great advice over the phone and followed up later to see how we were getting on. The electrics were intermittent at this stage so it was impossible for them to identify what the problem was but I called them back as suggested when it finally gave up the ghost! They were efficient and professional and above all, I felt comfortable having them in the house which is important. They knew what they were doing and worked really well at finding the well-hidden fault. Once identified, they came up with a cost effective solution and two hours after arriving, the electrics are now back on again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in need of an electrician. Thank you!

Lou Burridge

​Quality Job. Very tidy and very efficient.

Mike Norris

All work was carried out to a proffesional and very high standard. A very experienced and trustworthy team that I would reckomend to anyone who might ask me for a good electrician.

Chris and Niki Parry

I had my fuse board replaced by B.W.Crowhurst and son and would say it was the most worth while job I’ve ever had done on my home. As I am a pensioner I found it difficult to rewire the old fuses whenever a light bulb would blow, now I can quite easily flick the switch back up without being left in darkness. A lovely job completed by two very trustworthy and reliable men.

Christine Trigg

I have used Bryan and his son for years and am all ways happy with the work they do. They have rewired my home and did all the wiring and electrical work on my parents bungalow to a very high standard.

Jane Neary

The team have assisted me with my rental property in Gloucester and my own home and as a property surveyor I like to use high quality, well trained, experienced companies. I find the service to a very high standard and they are courteous and good at communicating. My older tenants love them 🙂 You are in safe hands with Crowhurst!

Toni Griffiths