Crowhurst & Son provides trustworthy, transparent and reliable electrical services to clients throughout Gloucestershire and the surrounding regions. As we are officially licensed by the NICEIC, our customers can remain fully confident that they will be receiving superior levels of expertise when needed the most. We also carry out in-depth electrical testing and certification for those who are satisfied with nothing less than the very best. Why are these examinations important and what aspects set us apart from our competitors?

Even the most modern electrical systems will require on-site maintenance from time to time. There are also instances when a full inspection is necessary to satisfy specific regulations. Not only can this help to guarantee a safe environment, but legal considerations could also need to be addressed. When renting a property out to tenants, a landlord may need in-depth electrical testing before any agreement is signed. Or, selling a location might require a third-party electrical inspection in order for it to be placed on the market. Regardless of the reasons, it is an undeniable fact that such services will guarantee that any system is in top working condition.


Why Choose Crowhurst & Son?

As we are locally based, we can appreciate the needs of each client. This benefit is not often encountered with regional or nationwide firms. Also, we are capable of carrying out a wide array of electrical tasks based solely on the customer in question. A handful of our additional services include:

  • Shower installations.
  • New Additions.
  • Home renovations.
  • Loft conversions.
  • Lighting and outlet installations.


At Crowhurst and Son Electrical Contractors in Gloucester, we provide Part P circuit testing, PAT testing, and electrical insulation testing.


Since it came into effect in 2005, Part P laws have made it a legal requirement for all fixed electrical installations to meet certain criteria. It applies to houses, maisonettes, and flats, as well as commercial properties that share an electricity supply with domestic dwellings.


Part P includes criteria for electrical design, installation, the subsequent inspection, testing, verification, and certification. Part P circuit testing is important to ensure the safety of both yourself and others, aiming to reduce the risk of injury, and death, from electric shocks, burns, power supply interruptions and fires. As electrical contractors, we have seen an improvement in industry standards since Part P was introduced and we are proud to maintain this high standard throughout all of our electrical work.


PAT testing is a routine process where electrical appliances are checked for health and safety purposes. This test usually includes a visual inspection of such equipment, the attached electrical cables/wires and where necessary, the earthing continuity.


During a routine PAT test, a test of the soundness of insulation also may be carried out on parts of the appliance, which carry a current or, are exposed metal. These testing procedures lead to an appliance being either passed or failed, depending on the category for which it has been tested. PAT testing is a critical part of your company’s health and safety policies. It should, therefore, be completed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your staff.


At Crowhurst and Son, we also provide electrical insulation testing. Electrical wires are insulated using a resistant sheathing which prevents the electric current from escaping and causing damage. Similar to a pipe leak, the condition of electrical wires can deteriorate, leading to a flow of electricity escaping. The damage caused by this can not only be destructive to the circuit but also dangerous. Fortunately, we offer routine electrical insulation testing which can help identify and rectify these issues before they escalate to equipment failure or injury.


The main purposes of frequent insulation testing include: maintaining the standard of the circuit, ensuring it meets the legal specifications and that it is connected properly. It is also beneficial as a troubleshooting tool which means we are able to identify issues early on and rectify them, saving you both time and money for the future.


Furthermore, we provide an emergency 24-hour call-out service in the event of an emergency. Of course, our ultimate aim is to achieve superior levels of customer satisfaction. Whether our services revolve around electrical testing or the re-wiring of an existing property, we are literally only moments away when you need us the most. We are also happy to supply a free quotation upon request.


Valid Landlord certificates are required on private invested properties. Crowhurst electrical are qualified to undertake and provide this.


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